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Process Filters (Liquid)

Certa Seal
Max Load
F Series
Reactogard IV & V
Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter
Rotary Vacuum Belt Filter
Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter
DCF Filter
VWS Filter

Temperature Measuring Equipments

Thermocouples & Wells
Skin Type Thermocouples
Cable Gland
Heavy Duty Flash Lights & Lanterns for Hazardous Areas

Electric Heaters (Industrial) Exp. Proof

Electrical Exchangers of any type & ratings to heat gases or liquids
Armored Electric Heaters threaded or flanged
Air Heaters Duct Type
Explosion Proof Duct Heaters
Electric Heaters mono tube type for Galvanic baths
Infrared Rays Reflectors
Electric Heating Elements
Electric Resistors


Simplex Basket Strainers 3/8”-36”
Duplex Basket Strainers ¾”-36”
Self-Cleaning Strainers 2”-48”
Custom Fabricated Strainers
Y- Strainers
Temporary Strainers – Cone type, Basket type


Butterfly, Type FL, LUG, KL and

Hoses & Fittings

Hose, general purpose Hose,
oil & chemicals Hose
hydraulic service Hose fittings
Rotary & Vibrator Hose
Choke & Kill Hose
Blowout Preventer Hose
Cementing Hose
Petroleum Transfer Hose
Material Handling hose
Water Discharge Hose
Expansion Joints up to size 120”
Air Hose
Steam Hose
Fire Hose
Decoker Hose
Chemical Hose
Dock Hose
GSM Metallic Hose
Agricultural Hose
Expansion Joints up to size 120”
Dixon Couplings

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels up to 2” Wall thickness
Pressure Vessels 2”-4” Wall thickness
Pressure Vessels over 4” Wall thickness
Heat Exchangers – Shell & Tube (L. & int. Press.)
Heat Exchangers – Shell & Tube (H. Press.)
B. L. Heat Exchangers
B. L. Heat Exchangers (Titanium)

Aquadis Microdetector Capsules

For detecting water in jet fuels

Various Chemicals and Catalysts

For the Oil Refineries
For the Ministry of Energy (Electricity & Water)
For the Water Treatment Facilities, etc.

Solar Cells

Solar Energy
Solar Heating
Wind Power



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